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Isn’t It Bionic?

Isn’t It Bionic?   fashion

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any greener, fashion has reached new levels in sustainability. Plastic is the new hemp thanks to , a New York- based textile company that produces premium yarns and fabrics derived from recycled plastic beverage bottles.

Imagine, that empty Fiji bottle could be your next pair of skinny jeans—oh, what a world! Although the name gives off futuristic implications, the company currently supplies materials for many high-end designers and retailers which include handbags, denim, footwear, casual apparel, luggage, and home furnishings. While also good for the environment, the end product is a prime example of conscientious function, strength and durability. This even has Pharrell Williams excited, who recently became a prime investor and brand ambassador for the company, and has begun integrating such materials into his Ice Cream and Billionaire Boys’ Club lines. Because cotton is so 1900’s.

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