It’s Called Dressing to Impress, Cupcake

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Evidently hard times have fallen upon Kristin Cavallari. Not only was she spotted shilling at the opening of the latest branch of the classiest of classy establishments Brother Jimmy’s (you just have to try the ribs platter with the Swamp Water, it’s divine), but she showed up sporting a saggy grey t-shirt and extra flat hair.

Its Called Dressing to Impress, Cupcake fashion


Okay, fine, so Brother Jimmy’s is kind of a glorified dive frequented by men wearing pink shirts with popped collars, but still, if you’re being paid to show up someplace, at least try to look like you didn’t pull on one of Talan or Stephen’s old gym tees and called it a night.  Other celebs have pulled off similar looks with aplomb simply by accessorizing properly; a fedora (to deal with the flat hair, natch) and some carefully selected jewelry would have turned this look from a fashion f*ck up into something acceptable.

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