It’s so hard to say goodbye

It’s so hard to say goodbye.

Its so hard to say goodbye fashion

It’s 2004 I’m flipping through an issue of Teen Vogue . I see a gorgeous tanned chick (Lindsay Lohan or Misha Barton not sure) wearing sort of a flowy short tunic dress: electric blue with…The Sandal. Flat, no heel. just under the shin high. black.

I thought “Those are cool goes nice with the dress…nice alternative to a heel”. There wasn’t really an “Ah ah” “Gotta have em” moment.

(I’m such a spectator so boring)
I just sat back and watched the subtle increase and eminent lost of interest in gladiator sandals. That happens in fashion, trends are born and they die but, the question is: Where do fashion trends go to die? My answer. The Hood.

Its so hard to say goodbye fashion

Yes, you heard right. The hood is very much in it’s own bubble. Never coming out for air. Failing to realize that there is, in fact, a Brave New World out there waiting to be discovered. And I can’t really say for certain if these chicks don’t buy magazines, watch TV, or read fashion blogs.

But, I do know that out of all my “ghetto fabulous” friends, I was the only one reading Vogue, W, and Instyle magazine. And there in lies the problem my friends: They don’t know. Which makes it easier for these horrible cheap stores to force feed the ignorant masses tacky ensembles and/or accessories. Gladiator sandals are not the only trend walking about like zombies strewn across their unknowing counterparts. Uggs, maxi dresses, and valour sweat suits are alive and well here.

R.I.P GLADIATOR SANDALS ????-2009. Props to Jesus and the Israelite’s. The first to ever rock em’.

For the most part this is just my synopsis of what I see on a daily basis. Since the city constantly straddles the fence of “The rich and the not so rich”. The fact that I’ve gotten to see and experience both sides, I think, validates my point of view.


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