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Edited by on April 2 2009 at 4:15 PM

Spring Cleaning: Good For Your Wallet, Your Stress Level And Your SoulNew York City is expecting some thunderstorms this weekend, so what a better time than now for that much needed spring cleaning? Thanks to a little inspiration from my roommate (who just snagged a great summer apartment that she is eager to move into) and an article from Smile Like You Mean It, I’ve come up with a list of before, during and after spring cleaning tips:


-Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum! Take absolutely everything out of your closed and drawers and suck up all that dust that’s been piling up for years. Not only will this safe you from future de-linting, it will also help eliminate that typical closet stench that always seems to linger. If you’re in a cleaning frenzy, it’s not a bad idea to disinfect the shelves and drawers. Why? Dead skin…ew.

-Buy some hangers that are stable enough to last a few uses. Matching hangers will help avoid closet clutter and keep you organized! Sorry folks…tape is a no, no…*cough* Andrea. 



-Let it go. If there’s something lurking in your closet that you haven’t worn in over a year, it’s time to say goodbye. In addition, get rid of anything that doesn’t fit properly. We all know you won’t go down 3 pant sizes by May. Though you might be over some of those expensive, classic items, hang onto them…trust me, they will be reincarnated on the fashion scene. Make an “I’m over it” pile and donate it to your local Salvation Army. 

-Organize by type. Though it may seem like a good idea to categorize by color, organizing jackets, pants, skirts, sweaters etc. will help you get a better sense for what you have enough of and what you need. 

-Clean, shine and fix your winter shoes. Trust me, there is nothing worse than a surprise snowfall in September with scuffed up boots! Clean up your winter boots/shoes, taking off dried on salt with water and vinegar, and have any reparations done early. In addition, have any coats or winter garments fixed…I tried stapling something once. Tis pathetic. I am forever embarrassed. 


-This is the fun part. Once your closed is organized and all spic and span, it’s time for an assessment. Anything missing? GO SHOPPING. We all know the spring trends, so it’s time to add them to the mix!


Thanks Smile Like You Mean It!

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Story by Kirby Marzec

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