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Jean Paul Gaultier Hydrates New York City

 Jean Paul Gaultier Hydrates New York City fashionJust in time for New York Fashion Week, Jean Paul Gaultier and Evian have teamed up to bring New York the most couture water bottle for the thirstiest of fashion fanatics. The Evian Haute Couture Bubble Bottle, “dressed” by designer Jean Paul Gaultier, will make its New York debut this week at luxury retailer, Bergdorf Goodman. But catching a glimpse of one of these 5 bottles in circulation may be more difficult than sticking to your new year’s resolution. The Bubble Bottle will journey through several upscale New York hotels and restaurants before making its way to France. If you happen to be at the Soho Grand Hotel, Buddha Bar or Bagatelle Restaurant anytime this month, keep your eyes peeled!

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