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by on March 13, 2012

- Famed fashion designer and purveyor of capris, Gloria Sachs, died in her sleep on Monday. She was 85. [WWD]

- Since I know you’ve been wanting more of The Real Housewives of Disney – because you’re a human being with emotions — here are some “deleted” scenes. [Buzzfeed]

- The future Mr. Timberlake, Jessica Biel, covers the April issue of W and guess what, y’all? She’s  ”Bringing Sexy Back.”  Meanwhile, at this point in the game, I’d appreciate it if Sexy would just stay the fuck home. [Fashiontography]

Jessica Biel Timberlake Covers W, Madonna Gives Adele Some Advice, Jon H.A.M. on Kim Kardashian

- Stella McCartney and PETA are teaming up to rain all over Toronto Fashion Week‘s parade with a graphic anti-leather video to be played on loop as patrons arrive. Those Canadians sure know how to party. [Huff Po]

- If anyone is qualified to tell someone how to deal with their name being dragged through the mud, it’s Madonna. She offered some advice to Adele in the wake of “a-little-too-fat”-gate. [Styleite]

- Jon Hamm perhaps got distracted by his resemblance to Don Draper in the mirror and knocked a few back before 10 am, or he had an extra helping of Truth-ios because Hamm went h.a.m. on Kim Kardashian, calling her and fellow sex tape starlet Paris Hilton “fucking idiots.” [WSJ]



Contributed by Lester Brathwaite

I was center square from 1969 to 1978, during which I perfected the art of the zing as well as a crippling cocaine addiction. Bea Arthur was responsible for both. @LesFabian lester dot brathwaite at gmail