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Jillian Lewis Fall 2009

Fashion, dsc 0111 Jillian Lewis Fall 2009

When Jillian Lewis looks out her Long Island City apartment window, she sees railroad lines, graffiti and a hazy New York skyline. When we looked at  Lewis’ Fall 2009 collection, we saw rib and cable knits, graffiti leggings and smoky sheer tights and blouses. Although it was an obvious and novice theme, Lewis’ attempt at New York inspired grunge couture definitely had it’s innovative moments. Lewis’ collection was impressive in the fact that it is completely wearable, but has enough edge to make a dramatic statement. The sheer/opaque tights, a-symmetrical tiered ruffle jackets, knit headgear and graffiti leggings are some of our favorites. The cable knits, on the other hand, are questionable. The models might have made them look high fashion, but throw a cable knit on your average, everyday girl and you’ve got a JC Penney sweater gone totally wrong. For those of you who watched Jillian Lewis on Project Runway Season Four, the preppy, feminine designer you once knew is gone. Long gone. Hello edge. 






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