Jourdan Dunn’s Baby Daddy Arrested for Coke Dealing

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Jourdan Dunns Baby Daddy Arrested for Coke Dealing

Wow, I totally predicted this about six months ago when I first heard she was pregnant but everyone in the office called me racist and I was all like, that’s not racist, he’s probably some fucking Jay Z wanna be drug dealer, who else would manage to get a 19 year old pregnant, and people were like you can’t say that though, and I was all like fuck that, I do what I want, and their all like Saynt you sound like a ghetto hoodrat, and I did a triple snap in their faces and was all like AND WHAT?!?

Anyway, her baby daddy is off to jail for 3 years for coke dealing, big surprise…


Article by Daniel Saynt, The Dude

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