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by on July 9, 2009

RANDOM COOL: Juan Francisco Casas Artwork

Believe it or not, these images are not photographs, they are Ballpoint Pen sketches by Juan Francisco Casas. Inspired by party photographs the Spanish artist takes, these drawings are insane in their accuracy – on first glance I totally thought they were photographs. Besides being insanely talented, it looks like Casas lives quite the party lifestyle. I guess this cements party photography’s next phase of influence in the art world. Count me in as a Casas fan.

RANDOM COOL: Juan Francisco Casas Artwork

SOURCE: Cyana Trend Land


Contributed by Monique Montagnese, Contributor

in my dream world i'd be blogging from london stealing the queens wifi, wearing black chanel sequin hot pants and listening to my ipod on shuffle, my favorite dj. i suppose new york is alright for now...

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