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Edited by on December 29 2010 at 3:37 PM

Already, the gossip clouds are thundering down rumors about the iPad 2.

When will it launch? How big will the screen be? Can it really cure cancer?

All the details inside…

Juicy iPad 2 Rumors

Will there really be 3 versions of the iPad 2?

The tech-blogosphere has been hurling rumors that the new iPad will come in 3 versions: WiFi only, WiFi plus AT&T-enabled 3G for remote access — and the third, a HUGE surprise — WiFi plus Verizon 3G. (Previously, Apple has been stuck with AT&T.)

Likelihood: Very good

Does it have a non-smudge screen and gyroscope?

It’s hard to imagine the smudge factor not being further refined, as many have complained about iPad smudging. The gyroscope would be nice, too.

Likelihood: Very, Very good

Will there be a 7-inch version of the iPad 2?

Steve Jobs himself answered this one – no. Steve thinks a smaller 7-inch version wouldn’t supply enough room for all those apps. And you know you need 2.7 more inches for those 59 free-version games you have.

Likelihood: No way, Jose

Will it have a front and back-facing camera?

Sources say it’s a go. With the iPhone 4 release came an announcement that Apple had rectified its simpler camera with a new back-facing camera.

Likelihood: Very, very good

Will it be slimmer, lighter and have a retina display?

Hellz yes it will.

Likelihood: Very, very good

Will it have a flat back?

A new iPad 2 case was supposedly leaked by a third-party company, but most people say that thing is fake as Santa Claus. Apple is notorious for never providing third-party companies with products or information. It’s what gives Apple that mysterious “whoa” power, and protects their products from crazies.

Likelihood: Maybe Not

Will it have wide-range speakers?

One Japanese blog made a big claim that iPad 2 will have new wide-range speakers (it showed a fake picture). While this source is obviously untrustworthy, it kind of makes sense. More and more people are buying iPad to watch movies while traveling and at the office to make it look like they’re working when they’re really watching Ernest Goes Camping.

Likelihood: 50/50

Does it have a USB Port?

More juicy Asian gossip here from a Chinese newspaper. Honestly, who knows about this one. Mashable thinks not, but they’re leaving the door open.

Likelihood: Not Likely

Will it come with a Dual-Core CPU?

Why wouldn’t Steve Jobs, that saucy tech tease, add more multi-tasking function to iPad 2? I want to be able to play Angry Birds AND check my stocks simultaneously.

Likelihood: Fairly Good

When will it launch???

It could be as early as January or as late as April. Either way, you can bank on the fact it’ll be early 2011. I want it now!!

[Link Love: Mashable]

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