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Edited by on November 21 2008 at 5:14 PM

Just Because Its Friday

This is what I was considering doing to Daniel today!

Well Fashion Indie are big supporters of Funday Friday, and that is exactly what I had today (despite the numerous efforts by Daniel Saynt to rain on my parade). Now normally I wouldn’t talk about my daily happenings (mostly because you would realize the awesome life I pretend to live and be jealous), but when I found this picture I knew it was an omen from a higher power to tell the tale of my day’s voyage.

The day started as any normally does, dragging my exhausted carcass out of my bed and into a piping hot shower. Breakfast was standard (oatmeal and a glass of water gross!), and the trip to work was boring and cold. A quick wake up was in order before Daniel and Becks got to the office, so grabbed a Guru and poured it all over my face in the same manor a college football team would do if they won some form of championship.

All fueled and ready to go I got to blogging as fast as possible throwing up stories left and right, and working on February’s Fashion Indie Week (it’s going to be AMAZING!). I had fun re-reading the interview I did with Chris from I Heard They Eat Cigarettes (I love working with new designers, they are always so nice!).

Then the most exciting part of my day came! Our new Fashion Indie mascot dropped by for a visit. Her name is Kimmy Nibbler, she is the squirrel who lives on our balcony. She was hanging out on our screen (more pictures when we get them uploaded), so I decided to make friends and offer her some pistachios…She ran in terror and Daniel laughed at me (strike #1).

Back to work, lots of stories in such little time. As the rest of the ultra supportive Fashion Indie crew took Daniel’s side in laughing at my attempt to make a friend (strike #2), I came across this cool little DIY laptop stand made of cardboard.

In an attempt to regain my superiority in the office I grabbed some left over cardboard and got to work on my new toy. Apparently, all the logical utensils for proper office tasks don’t apply here at Fashion Indie, including scissors. I found myself risking my blogging (and thumb war) career by hacking away at the cardboard with Daniel’s switchblade…FAIL!

Finally my new toy was complete, and as I hoisted my Mac up onto the stand, it crumbled into shambles. Daniel laughed, and I considered quitting Fashion Indie and trying my luck at the failing Conde Nast.

Which brings me to now. Daniel has since given me a near brain aneurysm due to my anger and frustration (and so called “dumb” ideas), and the thought of round housing him Chuck Norris style seems quite refreshing. 

So as I sit alone under my archway of year-round Christmas lights, I leave you with this epic tale of an average Friday in the life of Corey Moran. Enjoy your weekend, and for all of you traveling home for the holidays this weekend, have a safe trip.

Thanks Flickr for the kick ass (get it!) image.

Story by Corey Moran

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