Kate Moss for Agent Provocateur

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kate moss agent provacateur

There are certain days when I completely and absolutely remember why I love fashion. It’s not the days when I get to sit front row at NY Fashion Week, or the days that packages arrive from designers trying to woo me with freebies (athough those days are nice. please send all packages and invites to the address listed at the bottom of this page. thank you). It’s all about the days when campaigns like Kate Moss’s for Agent Provocateur end up in my mailbox and for a few fleeting moments I realize that I am in a field where people will randomly ask me to examine the half-nude (sometimes fully nude) body of a supermodel.

Kate Moss shines in these ad shots for her recent campaign with Agent Provocateur. Her beauty is undeniable and the looks are a major step up for the lingerie brand, who famously dumped Kate for the less than spectacular Maggie Gyllenhall. Thank god Kate is back, cause these shots remind us why we love the aging, nearly over-the-hill model. It’s her drop dead gorgeous appeal and limitless sexual energy. Her ability to own each shot and remind you that she has what you want. Her pouty lips and sweet sounding British accent. Her in with nearly every dealer in London, NY, LA and Milan. Her …

Now, I’m going to close my computer and stop talking about Kate Moss, Rebecca looks like she’s ready to kick my ass if I say anything else about Ms.Moss … whose supple breast and soft skin speaks to me in these ads … what’s that Kate?  You want me to kiss you?  I don’t know if I can? Maybe just one … little … Rebecca proceeds to beat me over the head with her Mac book. (I’ll most likely be in the hospital this weekend. See you next week indies. And enjoy more Moss photos after the jump. Ow, I think I forgot what yellow looks like. Is that even possible?)

kate moss agent provacateurkate moss agent provacateurkate moss agent provacateur

kate moss agent provacateur

kate moss agent provocateur

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Article by Saynt

I once fondled Anna Wintour inappropriately while dancing at a Met Gala afterparty. Since them I've been banished to the world of online fashion reporting... Saynt tagged this post with: , Read 4664 articles by Saynt
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  2. Daniel Saynt says:

    haha. Coke does a body good indeed.

  3. GAWD!!!
    She’s soooo magnificle………coke really does do a body REAL good!

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