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Edited by on February 25 2008 at 2:07 PM

Kate Moss for Barneys Warehouse SaleApparently, the Kate Moss for Topshop collection that sold out within an hour in the UK, didn’t seem to sell to well in the US. But wait, if the collection sold out over there, how did so many pieces manage to land at Barney’s Warehouse Sale.  Initially I assumed there was just a reorder of the collection for the American market, but upon further inspection, you notice something odd about these Topshop pieces, no American price tags.  All pieces we’re labeled with the original Topshop tags priced well below the Barney’s price (I know the dollars week but 100 euro does not equal $350 American).


What this could possibly mean is that reports of the collection selling out in the UK we’re false!!!  This wouldn’t be the first time a company “sells out” as a publicity stunt. By limiting the amount of goods on the sales floor on first day runnings or having a backorder ready at the factory, a retailer can create a sold out item and then watch as prices sky rocket on sites like eBay as the frenzy for the sold out item boost up the price (and perceived value) for the item.

Of course, what Barney’s is doing for Kate Moss’ collection is the equivalent of throwing someone under a bus. Rack after rack of unsold product makes up 1/6 of the entire womens floor of discounted goods. On top of that the collection has been marked down by 75%.  It’s almost as if they can’t give this stuff away.  Guess “sold out” isn’t what it used to be.

Story by Saynt

Fashion Indie's Big Poppa.