In Life & Style Magazine, Ke$ha bared five sexy secrets including her biggest fear and most embarassing moment. Squids!! She’s deathly afraid of squids!

Ke$has 5 Sexy Secrets

Ke$ha’s 5 secrets:

My biggest fear is… Squids.

The stylish star I love is… Willow Smith.

The things I love most about myself are my… Gold tooth and bad tattoos.

The food I’m most addicted to is… Candy.

My most embarrassing moment was… The time I showed up to the red carpet wearing exactly the same thing as Hulk Hogan.

As usual, Ke$ha is never lacking in personality. And as a side, her last answer makes me like Hulk Hogan a smidge of a fraction even more.
[Link Love: Just Jared. Photo: TheCobraSnake]