Keith Richards for Louis Vuitton. Who’s Keith Richards Again?

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Louis VuittonContinuing (hopelessly) on their “Journey” campaign, Louis Vuitton has tapped the well preserved mummy of King Tutankhamun for their latest ad. Wait, that’s not a mummy? Are you sure?  He looks dead to me.

Keith Richards (he was in some band your parent like) is the latest spokesperson to preach the joys of owning a Louis bag.  First of all, any real rocker carries all his stuff in a black trash bag and/or a spare guitar case. Secondly, doesn’t John Varvatos already own “the ancient rocker as product hawker” rights.  If I we’re John, I’d be calling my lawyers before the house that Marc built gets it’s hands on members of Queen or Gene Simmons (that weird dude from celebrity apprentice).

I don’t know who Louis wants as a customer, but if their looking to make sure that retiring baby boomers spend their pension checks on their over-priced, over-monogrammed goods, they’ve chosen the right guy for the job.

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