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Edited by on August 19 2011 at 11:46 AM

Holy Photoshop, Kelly Besimon looks good,  looks terrifying, is on the cover of the September issue of Shape Magazine. What does she have to say about the spray painted, Stretch Armstrong version of herself?  ”My body is like a Ferrari.  I know what it needs to run well — and that doesn’t include drugs, alcohol, or cigarettes.” Sure Kelly.  No lack of alcohol in the world could stop your over tanned skin from ruching like an Alexander Wang backpack.  You’re 41, nothing to be ashamed about, just play the part.


Kelly Bensimon Covered in Tan Silly Putty?


Here’s Kelly’s reaction to seeing her “before” cover shot…

Story by Samantha Lim

Editor in chic, satiating your fashion appetite. Have a comment? Tweet me @iamsamlim