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Edited by on February 13 2010 at 12:11 PM

Kirby and Cole Together At Last As many of you know, I have a thing for the tall, lanky and pretty male models. But in my books, Cole Mohr is at the very top of my lust list. Lucky for me, Cole opened Odyn Vovk’s Fall 2010 show on Crosby Street in Soho last night. Seeing that this is the first time I saw Cole in the flesh, I left a puddle. Giddy as a school girl. Kid in a candy store. After the show, my friends from Metal Magazine and I loitered a bit. What an excellent idea that was. Met Cole. He bummed a smoke from my friend Omi. Snagged a photo together. He touched my shoulder and told me I had a “sick” name. We’re getting married. K. Bye.

NOTE: I am not one to get star-struck easily. Last night was a major exception.

Story by Kirby Marzec

Dior, Not War.