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by on November 26, 2010

You may’ve seen Lady Gaga showing off her casserole on TwitPic. (Whoa, not that casserole.)

But did you hear about her secret recipe?

Lady Gagas Secret Casserole Recipe

What goes into a Gaga “Little Monster” Casserole?

- 2 Slices Meat Dress

- 8 Cans Green Beans

- One Head of Female Yak (To Tenderize, Remember to Poke ‘Er Face)

- 14 Saltines for Crumbly Top

- A Dash of “Drama Queen” Seasoning

Broil in Weirdness 11 hours. Serve Steaming Hot with a Slice of Sexy.


Contributed by Josh Linam

I eat fashion for breakfast. Cashmere sweaters taste funny.

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