LAST NIGHT’S PARTY(S): Rad Hourani, Rose Bar, The Gates, Tenjune, The Griffin, And Mickey Rourke!

You all know after my millions of mentionings about the Rad Hourani event at the SoHo Grand Hotel last night that we were there, but here’s all of the juicy details and crazy stories from the night, because you know it isn’t a Fashion Indie night if there isn’t a story!

Picture 11

Corey and I started out in SoHo around 7, and ran into his friend Marilynn at the Grand.  After a few pink cocktails and a conversation with Kelly Cutrone about her selected footwear for workouts (cowboy boots),  we sorted out our itinerary for the rest of the night, hopped in a cab and headed to Rose Bar.  Apparently you can’t get in to Rose Bar without a reservation at the hotel after 9PM, and this was 9:30. Not a big deal considering the amount of places we knew for the night, so we headed to the Gates where our friends at Red Hot PR were hosting a party. I was told “it’s someone’s birthday party and then there’s some fashion party afterwards”…fashion? We’re in.

Picture 12Hello Nole Marin! Nole made an appearance at the Gates last night (with his mother), and couldn’t stop staring at Corey, crush maybe? Or maybe he was considering a Corey finger puppet.  When the open bar ended, we’d met all sorts of people, and I had done my good deed by escorting in a guy on the street (only because the line was really long and he knew who Nole Marin was and that he was inside, this is someone that I want at a fashion party!), we headed over to Griffin. Who’s that we see?!

Picture 10Mickey Rourke! And yes, he really does look like that in person.  Apparently Marilynn already knew the Mckster, and he told us he was going to the Griffin too, just not right then. We headed down to Tenjune, and apparently I look 12 so they didn’t want to let me in. Hi, I’m 21 not 12 Tenjune, and let me just tell you that all of those old men that are in there? They’d love me. I’ll get to that more later.  

Picture 13

So after being at Tenjune for a whole five minutes, we’d had more than we could stand and headed back towards Griffin and found ourselves at the center of the club, inches away from Mikey Rourke. Drinks were flowing, but not that heavily, we promise mom, and the live band was playing some good salsa music (I’ll have to get the photos from Marilynn of us dancing on the table in the middle of the club? haha), and then the night went down hill. Naturally, Mikey Rourke wouldn’t go out alone, he’d bring his manager and/or body guard to party alongside him and ‘pick up the slack,’ if you catch my drift. And that’s what they did.


A middle-aged man, maybe the same age as my dad, told me that he wanted to kidnap me…no, correction, he was GOING to kidnap me. Dude, I know I look 12, but I’m not a kid, you can’t kid-nap me. Luckily, we were inside of a loud, crowded club and it was easy to get lost in translation, so I went to my friends so they could save the day, and must’ve scared off the man three times my size and over twice my age. Well, almost. He found Marilynn and kidnapped her.

Round two, outside of the Griffin. 47-year-old man with a grey shag hairdo pins 21-year-old barely 5′0 and less than 100 lb girl in a corner. Am I supposed to think you’re cool because you manage Mickey Rourke, are just as old, and just as unattractive as he is? No, I don’t want to hook up with you. Ever. I’d rather throw up on myself. Somehow managed to run away, find Corey and say “we have to get out of here, NOW.” Problem is, where is Marilynn? “oh, she must be at the apartment,” says creepy old man. An hour or so later we finally save Marilynn, and walk to the train to go home (seeing as well all have to work in the morning). 5am, after falling asleep twice on the train and missing my stop, I decided to take a cab home, then slept on my futon using a towel as a blanket. 


Moral of the story: Stay away from old men.


Quotable: “Where the fuck are you?! You’re just going to leave without saying goodbye?” -Creepy Manager

Synopsis: Corey and I are very tired today, but promise to keep you entertained with our nightlife escapades this weekend!

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  • Wish I could've been there. Sadly I was waking up as you were laying down :(
  • Melli
    Sucks for you! But if it helps, I loved this article haha :)
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