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LAST NIGHTS PARTY: Louis Vuitton Welcomes Sprouse

Fashion, dsc02936 600x449 LAST NIGHTS PARTY: Louis Vuitton Welcomes Sprouse

Last night the Becks and Daniel Saynt hit up the party for launch of Louis Vuitton’s Stephen Sprouse revival collection. As in true ahead of the trend fashion, Senior Saynt decided to Twitter his experiences through out the night. Check out the play by play below and be sure to join Fashion Indie’s Twit feed for the random musings of Daniel Saynt and future party play by plays.

Time to dance, Hugs and disses Daniel Saynt

Not a gossip girl in sight, weird

Call me, please blondie. CALL ME!!!!

Just spotted mickey boardman, what will happen with mr. Mickey when magazines go limp

Debbie just said motherfuckers and the crowd goes wild

Debbie harry live!!! I just came. I really don’t care how gay that sounds

There’s always a better party. Currently attempting an accent to VIP

FreeZing my ass of ouTside of Bowery ballroom

damn I hated that bitch

Greatest news ever!!! Julie is out of coutorture!!! Fashion. Indie wins.

Skip that marc is wearing sprouse leggings, heart it!!

Weird little kid in the house, who the fuck is he? He’s dressed like a neon turd

becks is totally ignoring my sexual advances, alas this is married life

Seriously want some pot right now!!!

This room is becoming a careful mix of bad hair cuts and bo

I love that even though Leigh is the better misshape she keeps her boys around, good job geordon for leaching

Fashion 2009= the Bruno effect. Too many of the camera hungry seem like unfunny versions of sasha baron cohen

Some dudes attempt at a white Afro has failed miserably

Marc is totally rocking the man skirt.

Is pot the new coke? Seems like everyone is doing it

Waris is in the house.

Aggy + Leigh total fashion buddies!!!

Aggy just got pissed that someone was taking her photo; hahaha, thank god it wasn’t me

Donna fucking Karen, it’s like fashion week in one amazing room

The blondes are here, so is Erin fetherston

So does Leigh, welcome to fashion

Um, marc is fucking awesome + aggy smokes

Marc Jacobs just arrived and the crowd goes wild

Most don’t know sprouse is dead, how sad

David publisher of paper mag, definitely high

Tons of seriously annoying fashion types wearing last seasons prada. Ugh!!!

Robert Verdi just entered

Seriously the greatest party

Holy shitter fucks, Anna Sui

Spotted: patty fucking “qvc” fields

Aggy deyn just arrived. It’s a party bitches

Spotted: patrick mcdonald, as if you even care

Spotted: iced tea and coco

One thing the recession hasnt affected; shitty plastic surgery.

Spotted: PR bitch of Jeremy Scott. Is Jeremy this generations Stephen Sprouse?

No celebs yet, le sad

Classic sprouse on the attack!!! Love it.\

Louis vuiiton we love sprouse taxis outside of the place, nifty


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