Lauren Conrad Heads for The Hills…Or Does She? DUN DUN DUN.

Lauren Conrad Heads for The Hills...Or Does She? DUN DUN DUN. all indieSay it ain’t so, Lauren, say it ain’t so! A failed attempt at fashion? Your overpriced cotton dresses didn’t sell? Don’t worry, Heidi Montag still loves you…oh, oops. Before I beat the dead horse any more, lets lay the facts out on the table. The Lauren Conrad Collection is donezo and the delivery of her spring/summer collection is completely cancelled, that much we know. But there is a chance that Lauren Conrad is going to be like that syphilis you contracted last summer…you think she’s gone and then BAM. Conrad plans on making a comeback, re-thinking her line and using higher end fabrics. Sorry dear, but in this relationship, it’s not the fabrics that need a change, it’s you. Oh, and while you’re soul searching and thinking things through, you might want to consult a real designer to save the fashion world from future eye surgery. 

So, there you have it. She’s gone…for now. Pray to the gods of Rodeo Drive that it stays that way. 


Thanks NY Mag!

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