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Letter from the Editor : We’re Not Sell Outs

Letter from the Editor : Were Not Sell Outs fashionLetter from the Editor : Were Not Sell Outs fashion


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Real fashion vs 660 pages of ads

There has been a rumor going around the fashion web that bloggers are not honest writers. I have heard over and over that our breed has become mainstream, and that many of us would sell out for the right cause. Recently, I read an article (won’t mention where), stating that bloggers receive free stuff so that they will write about certain brands or companies, basically as though we have become sell outs for bribes.

This really makes me mad! I like free stuff as much as the next person, but I have to be honest in stating that we receive free crap on a daily basis and many times will not write about it. Also, I sift through about a hundred emails a day of designers who would like to work with us, or get mentioned on the site. As the editor, I am very careful of who and what we write about, and want it to be known that we only write about those designers that we strongly believe are the best at what they do. It is those designers that keep our company different from all the others.

Fashion Indie prides itself on bringing the best ‘indie’ content to our readers and making it as honest as possible. We have been known to insult a few (you know who you are), and we believe that it is exactly that honesty that has allowed us to be one of the most read fashion blogs on the net. So to those who believe in us, and believe that we won’t sell out, thank you for all the support. We appreciate it!

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