RUNWAY RUNDOWN: Lina Osterman Fall 2009

RUNWAY RUNDOWN: Lina Osterman Fall 2009 fashion

Margiela and Laugesen’s most promising apprentice brings avant guarde to the forefront with a second collection of covetable pieces.

This collection has so many gorgeous textures that I barely know which one to comment on first. Ok, I do… it’s the lace.

Most times when I see this get used, it’s usually on a horrible body con dress or something to that effect – but how the designer worked with it here is so refreshing. Speaking of the designer, she is Lina Osterman, a former apprentice to artisans Margiela and Laugesen, who has started this second line of her own as a means to work outside of the confines of her Pudel line.

And taking advtange of that fact, she is; as I said before this is just a textural treat and is filled to the brim with covetable pieces.

I am particularly in love with the dress and knits. The linear detailing on some of the pieces is something special, and the fact that it is black detailing on black fabric, in turn adds quite a bit of depth and additional texture to the pieces.

I think the birth of Osterman’s second line to further her creative endeavors has proved to be a great idea and I can’t wait to see what the future holds for her – and to see what she has for us in the future.

stockists: UK – Tokyo / for more info please visit her website.

RUNWAY RUNDOWN: Lina Osterman Fall 2009 fashion

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