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Edited by on June 1 2012 at 3:35 PM

We’re in Las Vegas at the Couture high end jewelry & luxury watch trade show.  Here’s what’s happening!

Coming into 100 degree weather from New York can be quite the nerve shock, especially if one if about to embark on a 5 day, 300 vendor, 5,000 attendee trade show.  Held at the stunning Wynn Las Vegas hotel, Couture is one of the premiere events in the jewelry design industry, setting the standard for jewelry & design trends worldwide.

Live From the Couture 2012 Trade Show

The typical trade show is room upon room of booths and corners of stale croissants and cold coffee. Couture is a different experience entirely.  Throughout the day, waiters with silver trays passed around chocolate covered frozen bananas. If you weren’t getting your sugar fix through that, there seemed to be an espresso bar around every corner (this is a biased statement since I definitely got turned around quite a few times) and luxe seating areas around the ballrooms, courtesy of Niche Media.

Live From the Couture 2012 Trade Show
Wandering the floors was a bit overwhelming, where stumbling upon pieces like this $550,000 diamond necklace was a casual encounter.

Live From the Couture 2012 Trade Show

Loved these jewel encrusted animal bags by Judith Lieber.  $20,000 for the lot, that’s some expensive accessorizing for the animal lover.

Live From the Couture 2012 Trade Show


The opening party is when things really amped things up. Set around the beautiful Wynn pool, a massive stage was set up for that evenings entertainment, a private Taio Cruz performance (he sounds incredible live by the way).  2 mermaids with pink and green glittery tails swam around in the pool while trade show vendors let their hair down and quite literally got their feet wet.


Live From the Couture 2012 Trade Show

And a hot female DJ blasted dance music while people wined (at 4 separate bars) and dined as the sun went down. This is when Couture really set themselves apart as a convention: they had great food. I’ve been to my fair share of conventions — even ones based around food — and have never had a good dining experience past a turkey club.  My favorite bites of the evening were orange and white chocolate bread grilled cheese bites and crushed mango push pops. Boy do jewelers know how to party.

Check back with us for more event coverage and features on the most intriguing pieces of jewelry we find!  For live coverage, follow our tweets @iamsamlim and @fashionindie 

Story by Samantha Lim

Editor in chic, satiating your fashion appetite. Have a comment? Tweet me @iamsamlim