Lizzie Miller Causing Controversy

Size 12 ‘model’ not so Glamorous!

Okay, let’s talk about this…Lizzie Miller makes an appearance in Glamour Mag’s Sept issue, posing happily in a thong. And everyone is talking abou it. Why, cuz she’s plus sized? The mag is claiming that she’s a size 12, the average american women. She doesn’t look like a 12 to me, maybe am 8 with a gut! Tyra Banks is a plus size model, this girl is just chunky.

Also, she’s apparently a model…even though I googled her and the only thing that came up was an old mag cover. So, why is she posing almost nude for Glamour? Not sure! To cause controversy would be my guess, mag’s seem to like that, since they have nothing else to feature. I believe we are now one step closer to the fall of all fashion magazines!!!