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Lock and Load: Bulletproof Clothing

Lock and Load: Bulletproof Clothing fashionLock and Load: Bulletproof Clothing fashionUnless your name is James Bond, you’re a member of the Italian mafia or you live in Compton, California, I really find no use to own bulletproof clothing. Oh yes, bulletproof vests are a thing of the past with Miguel Caballero’s new line of bullet-resistant menswear. From leather jackets, to tuxedo shirts and from rain coats to polos, the Columbian clothing line can revert the piercing capabilities of a bullet into a mere “punch.” 

But please, don’t get delusional. If you don’t own a multi-million dollar estate where others can reap the benefits and you aren’t some high falutin  political figure, chances are that nobody wants to kill you. Ok, so you’re not as high on the food chain as you may think, but at least it will save you $7000 on bulletproof coat! 

For those of you who still think you are “special” enough to own bulletproof clothing, remember these few things.

-A bulletproof tuxedo isn’t going to save you from a rocket-launcher. Bulletproof or not, you’re a goner.

-If you get shot in the face, it isn’t Miguel Caballero’s problem. 



Thanks Buzzfeed and NY Times!

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