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Log Cabin chic

The lastest trend for Fall 2009: vintage-inspired rustic and hard-working American styles. According to Women’s Wear Daily, retailer Steven Alan said, “It’s not something that’s just trendy…It’s a little bit ironic.” Design director of Earnest Sewn, Benjamin Talley Smith, also told WWD that the style is probably ”a reaction to the overdressing of previous years: ‘People want to be casual, wearing something that’s been worn-in and beat-up.’”

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What pieces should you add to your fall wardrobe in order to be a part of this rustic trend?

* Plaid or flannel “lumberjack” shirts
* Mechanic-style jumpsuits
* Work boots
* Hunting vests
* Earflap hats

The key to following this trend is looking effortless. If you’re trying too hard to look rustic and rural in an urban setting, it just doesn’t make sense. WWD adds:

“And while the log-cabin-chic pose can come across as inauthentic, these clothes have an undeniable appeal. Maybe it’s because these days, the new rock stars are people who work with their hands (especially for people whose only calluses come from correcting the auto-spell function on their iPhones.)”

You can obviously find the rustic, log cabin look on the runways…

Log Cabin chic photo

And on the streets…

Log Cabin chic photo

Check out these vintage-inspired/log cabin chic looks from Urban Outfitters, Modcloth and more.

Log Cabin chic photo

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