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Lindsay Lohan Wants to Play Marilyn Monroe

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Realizing that her career has no where to go besides “Drug Overdose Highway” Lindsay is petitioning for the chance to star in a remake of “.”

Her obsession with Marilyn seems to be hitting a low note, especially considering that Sam Ro’s official carpet cleaner has already remade “The Last Sitting”, a classic Monroe photo series, for New York Mag and recently “starred in” [using the term loosely of course] a series of photos inspired by the dead icon for Spanish Vogue.

According to OK! magazine, director Brett Ratner has already rejected the idea, but Lohan isn’t giving up. ”She’s undaunted, but there’s no script and there’s no money. The only thing Lindsay has to sell is herself [which I hear she's already doing of the Pacific Coast Highway]. She sees herself as the second coming of Marilyn Monroe — misunderstood, talented and in desperate need of an incredible film vehicle that will truly showcase her talents.”

So what do you think indies, does Lindsay have what it takes to take over ’s shoes?

QUICKLINK: Lohan wants to play Marilyn Monroe in Some Like It Hot remake

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  • to_theteeth
    Never, she does not even have the talent or charisma that Marilyn Monroe was known for.
  • fashionindie
    totally agree with you on that one. what about megan fox?
  • droolingisntpretty
    ew no. infact, ew to the whole concept of remaking "some like it hot", that film is great the way it is. dont mess with the classics!
  • Marilyn_monroe_4ever
    Exectly!! I was thinking the samething
  • Marilyn_monroe_4ever
    NO!!!!! noone can EVER be Marilyn!! there is only one Marilyn and thats the goddess Marilyn monroe herself. Lindsay can NEVER be marilyn. Marilyn is a saint, Lindsay aint shes just a WANNABE!!
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