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Look Up in the Sky, It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a New Exhibit at the MET (Oh, God I just Revealed My Corn. Apologies indies)

Iron Man at the MET

The Superheroes have arrived at the MET.

I’m heading there tomorrow, but I got a special preview of the event from the likes of The New York Times (photos in the Gallery).

Original costumes from Spiderman, X-Men and Iron Man are on display along with original works of fashion art from Alexander McQueen, Moschino, and Giorgio Armani. Two of my favorite things are together for the first time ever. I could ravage Anna Wintour right now. Shit, I think I wet myself.

Be sure to hit up the exhibit pronto. I might get arrested for trying to steal some items tomorrow, but if I can get into the Iron Man suit quick enough I should be able to blast past security and steal Mystique body suit from X-men to enjoy a superhuman rendezvous later in the evening. Seriously, these are the thoughts that run through my head during the day. I know. I need help

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