Lorenzo Gets To Out Shine Marc This Time

Mr. Marc Jacobs and his partner in crime Lorenzo Martone arrived in style to the Cinema Society screening of Defiance last night. Both were sporting heavy fur and scruffy facial hair, but I think in a somewhat shocking twist (seeing as though Marc is a world renowned designer) Lorenzo looks a bit better than Marc! I don’t think that Lorenzo necessarily nailed his look, I think there are just a few misques on Mr. Jacobs part that resulted in the crown going to his significant other. 

1.) Plain black tee: Not hating on the tee choice, just need something to spice up the black.

2.) Shorter skirt: A bit more color from those LV Sprouse leggings would have been nice.

3.) Switch jackets: I think Lorenzo’s jacket would have looked better on you Mr. Marc.

Thanks Style.com for the pic.