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Louis Vuitton Meets Corn Flakes

Fashion, stackedforweb Louis Vuitton Meets Corn FlakesCharles Lutz hit the Brooklyn scene years ago, working for Yoko Devereaux and creating some of the designers most recognized t-shirts.

The Brookyn-based artist has taken a new approach to Warhol’s idea of consumerism in a new exhibition. Using the iconic and omnipresent Louis Vuitton logo as his background combined with the everyday names of Brillo, Heinz, and Kellogg, Lutz references consumerism at every level.

The sculpture itself is slightly over five feet tall and is literally a monument to this ongoing concept of consumerism. There will be seven of these monuments as well as one artist proof, and each becomes even more unique than the next with its own color scheme and monogramming.

I wonder if Louis Vuitton will be comfortable with the use of their logo in this exhibition?

Source WeAreTheMarket.com


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