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Luminess Air – Consumer Pro Airbrush Technology

Luminess Air – Consumer Pro Airbrush Technology photo

Luminess Air – Consumer Pro Airbrush Technology photo

When it comes to the application of foundations the artist in me really likes getting my hands dirty. I use foundation brushes, sponges and my bare hands. (Sanitized with a drop of Purrell of course) I haven’t joined the air brush movement until now simply because I’ve always felt like I can’t trust a machine to do the job for me.

I decided to try out Luminess Air. The airbrush system itself is very light, and comes with a nice silver clutch bag that keeps everything in place neatly. There’s nothing to assemble! Just like the Luminess tan it’s easy to use in a few simple steps.

1. Turn the compressor system on.

2. Place a few drops of the make-up in the stylus

3. Push the button on the stylus and pray in a long sweeping motion slowly not pushing the stylus throttle all the way back. This will cause color blotches and a heavy look, which defeats the purpose of using an airbrush system.

4. Hold the stylus out about 6-7 inches away from you to get the best results.

Let’s talk about the Luminess Air airbrush foundations for a minute.

They make two types of airbrush make-up, matte and satin. It’s also available to purchase in two different sizes too. The satin works best on a normal to dry or normal skin type and the matte of course would look better on a combination normal to oily skin.

Not only can you airbrush your foundation, but you can also airbrush on your eye make-up and blush too. This system gives the average consumer the ability to achieve a pro finish look from anywhere.

Matching the right foundation shade was a breeze, and the application process was quick. Overall I found it very easy to use and I had complete control over the coverage and finish I wanted. Most importantly it saved me loads of time. Even though I still felt like I needed to take my brush to blend everything in more, I was confident that the Luminess Air did the job best!

To get more information visit luminessair.com
Top Photo Credits:
Photographer: Ben Fernon
Model: Tamara Linn
Make-Up: Me/Hair Jean Paul for Dolce Vita Salons Mclean, VA

SOURCE: Luminess Air – Consumer Pro Airbrush Technology

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