Dean Isidro and Geil Magazine want you to man up. They’re celebrating “real men,” which for all intents and purposes means facial hair, chest hair, cars, gasoline, parkas and mud. What, no guns?…fairy.

Macho, Macho ManThe editorial, styled by Antonio Branco,  is masculine in a traditional, rugged way. Usually, I’m turned off by any fashion spread that tries to be deliberately masculine, particularly since it just comes off totally gay, but I like this. I like this because it’s a more subtle reflection of masculinity.

There’s a loneliness and a sadness in these pictures — from Joshua Lovrin‘s forlorn expression to the slightly muted color scheme — that give these series of images a portrait-like quality. This is a man, they seem to be saying; not a cowboy, not a superhero, but a man with feelings and thoughts.

The styling is appropriately simple. These are clothes that would look good on any man, regardless of size, shape or color. Of course, being a man is more than just looking the part, but it’s a fantastic place to start. (OMG, that totes rhymes.)

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