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Madden Hits Bottom

lins June 11 at 11:57 | Comments | TWEET THIS

Madden Hits Bottom  fashion

There are so many things wrong with this photograph I don’t know where to begin. But for you, dear reader, I’ll at least try:

1. Madden brother, not sure which one (can’t tell them apart, don’t care).
2. Ugly shirt that looks like it was vomited out from the 80s
3. Ugly shirt with Malcom X on it … somehow, not sure MX would be overly thrilled about his face on aforementioned Madden brother’s T …
4. Wayfarers (just make them stop)

5. His “U” beard==tied with Pete Wentz’s guyliner.

6. Also, he’s drinking Rockstar energy drink – is this supposed to be ironic?

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