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by on November 11, 2011

Once upon a time, not long ago, Madonna and the design team of Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana were as thick as thieves. They outfitted her for tours, she appeared in their ads; everyone was part of a big old fashion family. Now it seems there’s a little strife in the household.

Madonna and Dolce & Gabbana: Contention on a Dancefloor

Grazia Dailly reports that in an interview with Gabbana in The Times, fashion editor Laura Craik brought up Madonna’s new lifestyle brand — and it did not go over well:

Asked about Madonna (the day before we meet, WWD announces that she is to launch a new clothing collection), Gabbana becomes unusually un-chatty. What does he think of the news?


She’ll be ringing you up for a bit of advice soon.


Oh, OK then. Why not?

“No, she knows many things. She has a style. There are a lot of pop stars making fashion collections – Kylie and J.Lo, Puff Daddy and Kanye West.” He pauses for a beat. “Maybe next season, we should sing a song.”

What could have caused this apparent rift? After all, it’s not like Madonna’s line is going to be in direct competition with Dolce and Gabbana. And even if it was, I think we all know who’d win. No, there’s something else happening here…mayhaps it’s time for the Hardy Gays to investigate.

Admittedly, we’ve been too busy getting sloshed on tequila sunrises to solve any further mysteries, but this case is right up our drunken alley. [Grazia]


Contributed by Lester Brathwaite

I was center square from 1969 to 1978, during which I perfected the art of the zing as well as a crippling cocaine addiction. Bea Arthur was responsible for both. @LesFabian lester dot brathwaite at gmail

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