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Male Model Humpday Hops Justin’s Wood

The three fall essentials: Pumpkin Spice Latte’s,  Rag & Bone’s Pebble stitch beanie and a hot male model boyfriend. Ok, so we may only have two out of three, but let’s not give up hope. In this edition of Male Model Humpday we dress down the all American boy, Justin Hopwood, only to envision how we would dress him up in our fall love. Check out more “hop”ness after the jump.

Written by Drew Hunter

New York native with a year long Miami tan. Caramel macchiato? Yes please. Growing up I wanted to be Sue Ellen Crandell. Minus the q.e.d reports. I drink whiskey. On spiritual retreats. My motto? When in doubt, reference French Vogue. Chances are i’m not listening, but i am tweeting. Tweet me @dangerous_drew