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by on October 24, 2012

There’s nothing better than taking a trip down movie memory lane. This weeks pick? Rookie of the year. You know the one with that cutie Thomas Ian Nicholas (sidenote: what a name) and his magical arm.  Well while watching the movie I couldn’t help but think if I have chosen the wrong career. American Baseball players are hot and perhaps a job as water boy would have been better suited. Locker room access? Yes please. Well there’s only so much pondering I can do so for now check out some more boys and their bats after the jump…


Contributed by Drew Hunter

New York native with a year long Miami tan. Caramel macchiato? Yes please. Growing up I wanted to be Sue Ellen Crandell. Minus the q.e.d reports. I drink whiskey. On spiritual retreats. My motto? When in doubt, reference French Vogue. Chances are i’m not listening, but i am tweeting. Tweet me @dangerous_drew