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Mama Obama: Back To Black Or Release With Reese?

By 02/26 at 4:30 pm by Kirby

Fashion, michelle obama cover240 Mama Obama: Back To Black Or Release With Reese?After over-analyzed controversy followed the First Lady for her choice to wear Jason Wu at the Presidential inauguration ball, Michelle Obama is “redeeming” herself with the black community, sporting a flirty and feminine Tracy Reese dress on the latest cover of People Magazine. For those of you who don’t know, Tracy Reese happens to be a black designer, and a very talented one at that. But before the media goes over-analyzing her fashion choice, let it be know that Obama is, in fact, a Tracy Reese fan. During a fundraiser in 2008, Obama and Reese had the opportunity of meeting where she confessed: “I need to be wearing [Reese's] clothes!” Tracy Reese designs affordable and stylish clothing that real women want to wear. Although Obama very well could have chosen this dress to brush the designer-race issue under the rug, she is a real woman who is obligated to inspire real women! Why wouldn’t Obama choose Tracy Reese to join her cult of designers?  

I guess Obama’s message about designers will be more evident in the future, but as for now, I enjoy Obama’s colorblind approach to choosing labels. White, black, asian, hispanic, middle eastern- every race has brilliant designers. Let the first lady wear what makes her unique. Nobody is telling you who to keep in your closet, so why should America tell Obama who to keep in hers? 


Thanks NY Daily!