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Manolo Blahnik Reveals his Wishes to Make Shoes for Marie Antoinette

The shoe designer that Sex and the City made a household name, Manolo Blahnik, talked with Women’s Wear Daily and divulged what it was like to work through the debt crisis, his onslaught of fame, and from where he gets his inspiration. 

Manolo Blahnik Reveals his Wishes to Make Shoes for Marie Antoinette

“Miss Parker, I really think she’s a saint, because she helped me reach a new generation of women”, shoe designer Manolo Blahnik stated to Women’s Wear Daily. And trust us, the new generation of women wearing Manolo’s are as thankful as he is. The 69-year old designer has been in the shoe business for 40 years, but still does not consider what he does to be “genius”. While he has women across the world pining for his footwear designs, there will be one woman that Blahnik will forever wish he could make shoes for, Marie Antoinette.

I’m not a movie star, I’m not a pop star, I’m nothing. I’m just a man who works in shoes.” Blahnik reveals that he has not come to terms with the fame associated with his job because he enjoys it so much. Unfortunately for the designer, dealing with the economic crisis is the only thing he considers to be work.

Now that everything is outsourced to different countries, many small artisans in the shoe making business have gone under. Blahnik blames this on the interests of the rich people. He finds it hard to deal with many of his companies outsourcing and reveals, “If this situation is not resolved quickly, many people are going to suffer. The savoir-faire is going to go”.

Now it’s interesting to hear this coming from a footwear designer whose target customer has a middle to upper income range. Unfortunately for Blahnik, the interests of the rich not only affect his manufacturing, but whose feet his shoes are on.

In that case, maybe Blahnik should travel back in time before manufacturing was outsourced and the world was in a better place for artisans. Although ironically, the French royals of the court whom he so wishes to make shoes for were in fact in debt themselves. That way maybe if Marie Antoinette were to have her shoes made in China, then the trend would have been sparked much earlier and as long as she owned a pair of Manolo’s, she would suffer a little less.

Even though Manolo only considers himself to be a man working in shoes, he has some pretty juicy big spender gossip. Read more of the insider secrets here. 

Written by Emily Draznik

Chicago transplant and aspiring gay icon. I hold the belief that puns are the highest form of humor and love writing about fashion and everything in between.