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maurices Project Handbag Finalist: Christina Oertel

maurices Project Handbag Finalist: Christina Oertel fashion

FI: What was your inspiration when creating this handbag?
CO: I was inspired by many things: the classic high-end bags I’ve always admired; the great layering trends; and most importantly, with spring on its way, I wanted to keep it fresh by adding a bold, colorful print on the inside. As a young mom, I wanted to keep things practical so I played with the size and added pockets.

FI: Have you always wanted to be a handbag designer?
CO: The thought of being a handbag designer, or any type of fashion designer, would pretty much surpass my wildest dreams. So yes… that would be a definite ‘yes’.

FI: How is fashion a part of your daily life?
CO: Although I am a graphic designer by trade, I fit in my fashion fixes throughout the day. In the morning, its choosing an outfit that fits my mood; throughout the day, I’m surfing fashion websites while eating my lunch and on breaks; and after I put the kids to sleep, I’m all over the lastest magazines. On a lucky day, I’ll even catch a Fashion Television podcast on my mp3 player.

FI: Describe your style?
CO: My style changes from day-to-day … as well as season-to-season: I love trying new things! In the summer, my style leans toward clean, classic, easy-going and girly-bohemian. Living in Wisconsin, my style has to be a little more practical in the winter months. This winter, I focused on great winter coats and knee-high boots. My biggest celebrity inspirations would be Jessica Alba, Jessica Simpson, Kate Hudson and Rachel Bilson.

maurices Project Handbag Finalist: Christina Oertel fashion


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