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maurices Project Handbag Finalist : Kate Weimer

We catch up with Project Handbag finalist Kate Weimer about her design and desire to become a handbag designer.

What was your inspiration when creating this handbag?

My inspiration when I created the purse was the fabric itself. It was from my grandma’s fabric stash and I think herringbone is a cool weave. When I showed the completed bag to my parents, they told me my grandma (who died last year) had used the rest of the fabric to make a skirt.
maurices Project Handbag Finalist : Kate Weimer fashionHave you always wanted to be a handbag designer?

Ever since high school, when I created my own gym bag out of a towel, I have wanted to be a hangbag designer. I have sold purses to friends as well as at craft shows. Hopefully this contest will help me get noticed!
How is fashion a part of your daily life?

Fashion is fun. I love to watch shows like Project Runway and America’s Next Top Model because they show the stylish, interesting things you can do with a piece of cloth. I used to work at JoAnn Fabrics, and fabric inspires me every time I see a unique print or weave or texture.
Describe Your Personal Style

My personal style is a mix of old and new. I love to layer pieces in interesting ways, and my signature is accessories–jewelry, belts, pins, etc. I like shopping at Goodwill because it’s like a treasure hunt, and I like mixing the pieces I find there with the rest of my wardrobe. I don’t think fashion has to be expensive. And I definitely like to mix it up. My style is always changing!
Why do you shop at maurices?

maurices has great clothes. They cater to the category I fall into–I’m not a Juniors size anymore because I have hips and boobs, but I’m not a Missy size either. I’m just starting my career and maurices provides quality and fashion at a good price.

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