McQueen May Have Missed The Target…

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McQueen May Have Missed The Target... fashionMcQueen May Have Missed The Target... fashion

I am trying so hard to be accepting of the collaboration lines popping up all over, but Alexander McQueen for ’s Go International is yet another one to add to my shit list. Initially, I loved the concept of music inspired fashion catered to the young and trendy shoppers for under $130. But take a look at the images released…I wouldn’t buy that crap if they sold it at the dollar store. A tee shirt with ’ face and McQueen’s name on it? Um, no thanks. Shiny leggings? Those are everywhere. Gray skinny jeans? Nothing new. I guess the only thing that caught my eye were the awesome red heels…too bad Christian Louboutin makes those. McQueen claims that “[He] wasn’t born with a silver spoon in [his] mouth,” but I thought his taste was better then the plastic spork he used to eat off of. McQueen also said: “I’ve never understood .” Is that hard of a concept to grasp? And if you’re trying to market your hideous collaboration line, maybe you should give your collaborators some credit…at least then they wouldn’t make you look bad by selling ugly junk. 

Hopefully will release more photos with garments people will actually want to buy. 

Thanks WWD!

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