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The Crew

These are a bunch of lovelies that make Fashion Indie Media possible.

The Main Homie: Daniel Saynt

I was gonna make this all serious like and talk about my awesomeness and how I made the winning slam dunk to take the Lakers to the playoffs and how I discovered a cure for cancer in the jungles of the Amazon when I noticed some ants stealing my Lorenzo’s Oil or how I broke a World Record for longest run on sentence used to describe yourself on FashionIndie.com or how I once was like this close to Heather Grahams half exposed tittie once or how I then realized that it wasn’t Heather Graham it was just that tranny Amanda Lepore or how I really like dressing like unknown celebrities for Halloween (K-Fed last year, Spencer Pratt this), but no, I think I’ll just say douchbag and get it over with. Douchebag.

Also, I do a shit load of work at fashionindie media. It’s like my baby and such, so if you want anything at all pertaining to my baby you better consult with me first.  You can reach me at saynt@fashionindie.com.



The CEO: Busie Matsiko

Coming from the corporate world, Matsiko’s unique perspective on world affairs and business have guided Fashion Indie’s growth and progress. Now responsible for our events and services department, Busie has become the ultimate event coordinator, bringing fashionindie media to the forefront of the fashion world.

Upon graduating from Berkeley Busie co-founded fashionindie media with Daniel Saynt.



The Editor: Rebecca Alexander-Saynt

A former brand representative for Theory and personal stylist nearly 100 clients at Saks Fifth Ave, Rebecca has an innate understanding of the inner workings of the fashion industry and what makes something in.

Currently holding a degree in Fine Arts and Fashion Design, Rebecca is attending Parsons for a third degree in Fashion Marketing





The PR Demigod: Corey Moran

Corey grew up in the snowy city of Buffalo, NY where his style continues to go misunderstood by many. He moved to Boston, MA where he currently attends Northeastern University. He spends all his off time in New York working for Fashion Indie. 99% of his paychecks go towards buying leather and skinny jeans. He can’t wear baggy jeans because his legs are to skinny. He was in the November 2008 L’uomo Vogue issue, and he is striving to work as much as he can in fashion. Despite what you may have heard, he is not actually anorexic! He loves getting fan mail so be sure to e-mail him all your love letters, his e-mail is corey@fashionindie.com! If you se him at a party say hey, he’s friendly 83% of the time.





Marissa Moshell: When I started this internship I was a quiet, innocent, polite girl. Now I find myself bashing poorly dressed celebrities and trannys thanks to the influence of Daniel Saynt. I am a huge Metro Station fan. I make Corey play their songs regularly at work. My true inspiration for writing is my desire to gain equality for all lactose intolerant folks in the work place. My goal is to prove to the fashion world that we too are people and that we can change the world one Soy Milk mustache at a time!

Amanda Gabriele: Amanda realized at a young age she could turn her love for materialistic bullshit into a lucrative career. She gets the best of two worlds working in both fashion merchandising and journalism. When Amanda isn’t blogging, you can find her at the winery, thrift store or working on her Catholic education memoir “Bitches, Whores and Stoners Wear Plaid.” She is currently finishing her degree in the MidWest but will rejoin her soul in New York shortly.