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Edited by on August 17 2009 at 9:54 AM


“Pledge Allegiance to the Bag.” The New York designer preps to unleash a Times Square banner with this quotable. Tourist Chic?!?

Let me preface this by saying that Times Square is the Disneyfied asshole of New York City. No other place makes your fashionable eyes bleed more than on Broadway, where bloated tourists make their way to memorable destinations like the M&M factory or Rock of Ages. The fact that Kenneth Cole is putting money into this area only suggests that the designer has officially lost it. People in Times Square don’t buy your bags. They buy Crocs, cargo shorts, and Double Quarter Pounders with Cheese. For shame Kenneth Cole, for shame.

On a sidenote, Matisyahu will be performing at a private concert for the designer during Fashion’s Night Out on Sept 10th. Really, Matisyahu? He’s still relevant? Get some better cultural advisors at that place Kenny, he had one barely notable hit 3 years ago and since hasn’t wowed any of us with his wannabe-rastaisms.

Turn on the radio, or at least check out BrooklynVegan every so often, music, much like designers who lack “awareness”, regularly go out of season.


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Story by FashionIndie