Mercedes Fashion Week May Be Seeing A Lack Of Young Designers

Mercedes Fashion Week May Be Seeing A Lack Of Young Designers emerging fashion

A recent article done by the Imagist tals about how the shopping tendancies of people in a withering economy like the one we are in might result in a lack of young designers at Fashion Week. Hopefully this won’t be the case and from what they had to say on the situation you may be able to help. Here’s a short exerpt from the article.

TI had an interesting conversation at dinner last night with a retailer who disclosed that the economic tough times were having a strange effect on her business. Not only is it a matter of people buying less, it seems when her customers made a buy they waited for the end-of-season sale AND then proceeded to walk past all those young designers to buy the most obvious brand names in sight. Balenciaga, Prada, Lanvin…all the obvious names in handbags, shoes (and sunglasses, see today’s NY Times Style Section) were still moving. But as for the Proenza Schoulers, Phillip Lim 3.1’s , Erin Fetherston’s? Resistance . “Does that mean you’re going to jettison all the kids,” I asked. “They’ll be the first to go,” she nodded sadly. In fact her hiss to me was that a whole flock of the young and hyped would NOT be showing in September and even if they could scrape a collection together, we’d be more likely to see “intimate presentations” , instead of full-on fashion shows. – Imagist

After reading that it is clearly on the shoulders of you Indies to get out there and spend all you have on our favorite young designers!

For the full article by the Imagist click here!

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