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by on July 23, 2012

Miami. Some go to laze on the beach. I go to dig through everyone’s second hand. Alright fine, it was raining! You got me. But I’m glad this indie roadtrip led me away from the shore, because I found some of my new favorite things, a Christian Dior jacket I (and John Galliano) died for, and the best of vintage in Miami. Check the coolest down low thrift, and the finest consignment high. 

Buying your drugs and thrift in one place just makes sense. Out of the Closet will not only sell you sweet thrift that donates to AIDS foundations, but they’ll fill your prescriptions while you shop. They’ll even give you an HIV test. And there’s one opening in Brooklyn, like, now. Huzzah!

I’ve taken this long sheer boudoir robe out to see the world. Full disclosure: It’s a 3X. Until now, this robe has seen far too much of one big thing, and not the rest of it.


Contributed by Jessica Lapidos

I impart my daily love of light layering, thick-as-thieves platforms and undiscovered fashionable gems. I love to turn a phrase, and in truth I'm a designer at werq.