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Michael Kors Tops Marc Jacobs

Well when it comes to internet searches that is.

 Michael Kors Tops Marc Jacobs

Today Bing released their list of top searched fashion brands and Michael Kors snagged the number one spot. The brand is pretty “middle America” when it comes to the luxury houses that made the list, but that shows you how the internet cookie crumbles. Check out the list below and tell us in the comments if you agree on their spots.

1. Michael Kors
2. Louis Vuitton
3. Gucci
4. Ralph Lauren
5. J. Crew
6. Chanel
7. Prada
8. Juicy Couture
9. Burberry
10. Tory Burch

Written by McArthur Joseph

McArthur (aka Mac) is your average urban dandy with a love of bow ties & long nights. Check out his menswear blog & follow him on twitter: @mcarthurjoseph