Miguel Adrover Goes Green

Miguel Adrover Goes Green fashion

T-Shirt from the collection.

It is a marriage made in green-grass heaven: Miguel Adrover, the Spanish designer who fought logo mania with recycling; and Hess Natur, the German mail order brand with 30-year-old roots in sustainable fashion.

The two have teamed up to create an Adrover-designed capsule collection, which will be launched online in July as part of a worldwide push to bring style to environmentally friendly clothes.

“I think I am going to make my dream come true,” says Adrover, whose maverick but visionary talent has finally been recognized. “I am glad to work for this company not only because of the philosophy and sustainability behind it, but because I can work with a clear conscience. It is really difficult to produce anything organic,” says Adrover. “I tried to use natural fabrics. For me the experience is of learning every day. When I go to Première Vision,” the French fabric fair, “99 percent of fabrics are not organic. Only the Japanese are a little bit ahead.”

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