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by on October 3, 2011

With 300+ beauty pageants under her belt at a mere 6 years old, Toddlers & Tiaras starlet Eden Wood is racking up more crowns than the Queen herself.  She’s already branched from the pageant world into Hollywood, releasing two singles and scoring a role in a movie.  And lest we not forget her attendance at NY Fashion Week where the mini diva screamed on camera about wanting to punch Justin Bieber in the “wrong place“ and threw a temper tantrum when she was refused teeth whitening services at a beauty bar. Footwear News sat down with the petite prima donna and got the inside scoop on her beauty queen style. Here’s a snippet of our favorite quotes:

Eden Wood Loves Shopping, Selena Gomez, & Wants To Punch Justin Bieber In The Wrong Place

Favorite Shoe-shopping spots: “Anywhere there is a shoe rack.”

Go-to brand for pageant shoes: “My mama says, ‘You name it, we’ve tried it.’ And when we can’t find the right color or style of shoes to match my outfit, my mama will paint and bling out a [plain] pair of shoes. Once, when she spray-painted some go-go boots gold, I snuck some of the paint and changed my pink Barbie car to gold to match my new boots and outfit. She wasn’t too happy about that.”

Most memorable pageant shoes: “My Vegas showgirl shoes. They were like something Cinderella would wear, but with the [over-the-top] bling that Eden Wood wears.”

Celebrity fashion idol: “Selena Gomez. She always looks so pretty.”

Dream shoe: “A Selena Gomez-designed sneaker.”

What would an Eden Wood fashion line look like? “I [would] want it to be for little girls and have pink, pink and more pink. But my mama says it can’t be all pink, so maybe a little dark pink, too.”

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Contributed by Samantha Lim

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