In addition to being reminded that Mandy Moore can still work it on a mic, I noticed that her face was looking flawless at the Oscars. I found out that her beauty secret is an exfoliator, that ironically smells just like Candy. The brand is Arcona and the flavor, as I’ll call it, is Cranberry Gommage. It has the texture of chocolate mousse and the scent of a Strawberry Jolly Rancher. The tiny exfoliants massage rather than scratch. And my skin does indeed feel smoother. Just look at me Before:

Miraculous Exfoliating Transformation

And now, After:

Mandy Moore Hairstyle Oscars 2011 Mandy Moore in Monique Lhuillier at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards Photos

Miraculous the transformation, no?

Miraculous Exfoliating Transformation

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